International Business Development

We have experience with clients from a range of industries.

DCIA's professionals and affiliates can help you expand sales and operations internationally, overcome obstacles to projects already underway, and promote opportunities for companies to trade and invest in the United States. We have experience with clients from a range of industries including finance, energy, manufacturing, chemicals, transportation, telecommunications, construction, hospitality, IT services and other key segments of the economies of the U.S., Asia and the Middle East. Let us put our network to use for you.
Types of Engagements
New Business Development
Whether you are considering crossing a border into a new market or just want to take existing sales to a new level, we can help you develop options for new business and understand the hurdles that lay between you and expanded sales. We don't just describe potential customers; we explain and help establish the network connections to close deals.
Critical Path Assessments
Especially when crossing borders, executives find that regulatory and business processes can differ in reality from the way they are described formally. Let us help you understand the steps necessary to close a deal–especially in regulated industries or deals involving a government agency.
Partnership Development
New partnerships can make or break companies. Complete due diligence means going beyond just legal and accounting considerations. Executives and boards should avail themselves of as many options and as much localized information as possible in choosing a business with which to partner. We can guide you and gather objective, independent information on reputation and potential.