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Spot Reports

Brief assessments of Washington insider perspectives on issues or events important to DCIA clients. These are clear, concise and rapid pieces of research, deeper than a media summary, tailored specifically to your company, that help busy executives stay on top of political, policy and other developments breaking in the nation’s capital.

The Clipper

Executive level analysis of emerging international developments with potential to move markets or affect national interests. Periodic reports on key regions and markets with urgent updates when events dictate.

Comprehensive Assessments

Creative, clear and in-depth analyses of issues, trends, regions, and markets selected by DCIA clients. These often focus on government policy and processes, developing alternative assessments and options, and aim to inform future strategies of businesses and governments and those who seek to influence them.


With an international reach that includes the United States and cities across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, DCIA generates opportunities for a diverse set of clients interested in cross-border commerce and governmental matters.

Business Development

DCIA’s strong network is well positioned to help companies expand operations internationally, overcome obstacles to projects already underway, and promote opportunities for companies to trade and invest in the United States. We have experience with clients from a range of industries including finance, energy, manufacturing, chemicals, transportation, telecommunication, construction, hospitality, IT services and other key segments of the economies of the U.S., Asia and the Middle East.

Public Policy Guidance

DCIA and its strategic partners have extensive experience in government, politics, and private sector public relations. We offer a range of outreach services – from political and communications strategy to coalition building and advocacy – that maximize each client’s communications with the universe of people critical to their success. We also help clients gain access to key people when visiting the U.S., handle logistics of executive visits, and can organize speeches and engagement opportunities with thought leaders to spread your message.

Political & Financial Insight Ahead of the News Cycle

Behind every macro trend that traditional political risk organizations track are numerous micro-events about which our clients need to know. DCIA is poised to keep a close eye on policy developments and keep our clients informed of key decisions before they are made. We aim to let you know what’s going to happen before it happens. We also specialize in tracking political decisions that have market moving impacts. Our network can help you stay ahead of the market. We help clients plan for the unexpected—and take advantage of the unforeseen. Our experience tells us that some of the most important decisions in business or government are made or missed because of inadequate planning.
We will help you plan ahead for when the unexpected happens so that you can benefit by making informed decisions.

Global Risk Analysis

We help our clients tailor their strategy to unfolding events and direct their resources to achieve the best outcome possible. We also seek to illuminate opportunities for clients that arise from political circumstances—in addition to risks. We stay on top of unfolding events so that you stay informed. Our international network will help you stay ahead of the curve.